Craig was born in Manly on Sydney’s northern beaches and has extensive life experience received from years of backpacking around the world in his early 20’s, living in Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Canada for extended periods.

Returning to Australia he found himself managing a backpacker hostel in Sydney of which he ran for 15 years. In this time meeting many people from around the world of different backgrounds, religions, upbringings, and lifestyles enabling a very personal and friendly connection.

Being interested in Hypnosis for many years, Craig has transferred his communicative talents into Hypnotherapy, with an emphasis on helping as many people as possible better their lives and therefore bettering the lives of the people around them also.

Following principles learnt through his Hypnotherapy training he is combining methods from Wim Hof and earthing techniques to deliver an overall holistic approach to his hypnotherapy sessions.

As an ex-smoker, Craig knows the benefits gained from breaking the chain that cigarettes have and will use his experience to guide people through the giving up process in just one of the many services of his hypnotherapy sessions.

Personally, Craig loves to spend time with his girlfriend and two puppies, keeping fit with F45, watching all manners of sport and is a lifetime follower of Liverpool Football club.

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