Is quit smoking hypnotherapy better than counselling?
November 10, 2020
Is quit smoking hypnotherapy better than counselling?

If have ever tried to quit smoking, or even considered trying to, chances are that you will have researched different quit-smoking aids and methods. Amongst those, hypnotherapy and counselling probably came up, so you’ve probably wondered whether you need to do both, or is quit smoking hypnotherapy better than counselling?

Is quit smoking hypnotherapy better than counselling?

Quit smoking hypnotherapy and counselling are not the same thing. They are completely different therapies/methods that can aid you in your journey to becoming smoke-free in the long term. Read on to learn about the two…

Is quit smoking hypnotherapy better than counselling? What is hypnotherapy?

Quit smoking hypnotherapy, in a nutshell, helps you to reframe your thinking and transform your subconscious thoughts, so that you are able to confidently and consistently refuse cigarettes, even in situations where you would otherwise feel triggered to smoke.

How does this work? Well, smokers become addicted to cigarettes because of the nicotine contained in them, and the effects of this chemical on the brain. The nicotine addiction is not only physical, it is often very much be an issue of subconscious thoughts, leading to cravings for the nicotine hit. This happens through the brains association of particular activities to smoking. For example, sitting in traffic, drinking with friends, feeling stressed at work…in these situations where one might smoke a cigarette, they would then receive the subsequent nicotine hit.

Hypnotherapy works to reframe a person’s thinking regarding smoking. The therapist uses relaxing speech and imagery to help the person reach an almost trance-like state of deep relaxation. Once in this state, the person is able to concentrate and focus on one particular task, and their mind is much more open to suggestions of change. Positive subconscious thoughts relating to smoking are replaced with negative thoughts about smoking.

Is quit smoking hypnotherapy better than counselling? What is counselling?

Counselling can occur on an individual basis, or in a group setting. It typically involves regular meetings between the counsellor and the person (or group of people) who is trying to quit smoking. In these meetings, the counsellor provides information, practical skills, advice and encouragement, as well as usually some form of behavioural interventions.

Is quit smoking hypnotherapy better than counselling? Do I need both?

The short answer is yes. Quit smoking hypnotherapy is a great place to start. It can help you to confidently kick off your path to a smoke free future, by helping you to reframe your subconscious thoughts. However, it is a great idea to continue your therapy by partaking in regular counselling following your hypnotherapy. Counselling can be a useful follow-up to your hypnotherapy sessions, as it can help you identify any ‘speedbumps’ or areas that you feel you might need some extra help, as well as giving you the opportunity to discuss practical solutions to triggering situations with your counsellor.

Is quit smoking hypnotherapy better than counselling? Contact us today and let’s talk about it!

Our therapists are highly experienced and have helped thousands of people quit smoking and lead happier, healthier, wealthier lives. Contact us today and we can discuss with you whether hypnotherapy might be a good fit for you in helping you to quit cigarettes.


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