More than 1,900 Australians have successfully stopped smoking using our methods

With our effective Quit Smoking Transformation Program, you can break free from your addiction without chemicals, patches and urges.

How does Hypnosis work?

Hypnosis is a process of relaxation and self-control. During this process we use the part of the mind which controls our habits and emotions (also known as the unconscious mind) to influence our thoughts and habits.

Through direct and powerful communication with the unconscious mind, hypnosis allows us to communicate with our subconscious mind to re-program our habits and thoughts about smoking.

Hypnosis is an incredibly relaxing experience. It is designed to eliminate triggers for smoking and provide participants with a new outlook on life as a non-smoker.

What makes our hypnosis program so effective?

Our sessions are 100% tailored to each individual to make sure it meets their specific needs.

You see, every smoker has a different relationship with smoking and some will have a more difficult time quitting than others. This is why many group sessions statistically have a low success rates, because one method does not suit everyone.

Hypnosis allows us to communicate with our subconscious mind to re-program our habits and thoughts about smoking.


Our Quit Smoking Hypnosis Program is designed to:

1. Remove the Triggers

  • Disconnect all connections you have with cigarettes
  • Break the habit and effectively deal with triggers
  • Create new beneficial habits to replace smoking

2. Become Smoke-FREE!

  • Change the way you think about cigarettes
  • Effectively handle and remove temptations and cravings
  • Confidently put smoking in the past and never look back

3. Improve Your Health

  • Lay the foundations for health and lifestyle improvements
  • Get advice on snacks, meals and healthy habits
  • Enjoy life as a non-smoker

An ex-smoker has the temptation to go back. A non-smoker never looks back


If you’ve been trying to quit smoking or have stopped and relapsed again, it may be time to try hypnosis. 

Here’s why:

According to a new study from the University of Washington School of Medicine, 91 percent of patients became non-smokers after a single hypnosis session. This result is further supported by the fact that 48 to 72 hours after one’s last cigarette, all nicotine leaves the body. 

What this means is:

Smoking is not a physical addiction, It’s a mental addiction to a habit.

What makes hypnosis so effective is that it works directly with the part of the mind that controls all habits and behaviours … the same part of the mind that controls addictive habits like smoking.

Our hypnosis program is ideal for:

  • Anyone who is fed up with smoking and truly wants to quit
  • Smokers who want to stop wasting their money or cigarettes
  • Smokers who believe its time to quit now, FOREVER
  • Smokers who are committed to investing in their health


This hypnosis program WILL NOT WORK for anyone who “thinks” they should quit, or deep down does not want to quit.

This is because if a smoker still enjoys smoking, doesn’t want to stop or is not yet ready to quit, we cannot make them do something they do they don’t want to do.


Are you ready to quit smoking?

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People who stopped with our Quit Smoking Program

* Results may vary from person to person

“I Love not stinking of dirty cigarettes” Tracie

* Results may vary from person to person

“I’ve had a bit of alcohol this week, no cravings” Noel

* Results may vary from person to person

“I’ve improved my health, my wallet is much fatter” Louanne

What Our Clients Have to Say About Quit Smoking In Melbourne

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Peta Moynihan

I was determined to quit but couldn’t do it on my own. After the first session I never touched a cigarette again and it’s now been almost 2 years. Best thing I ever did. I went to a second follow up session which was included in the price and this just helped me to reinforce that I was on the right track. I highly recommend Hypnosis as a great way to finally kick the habit. Im now smoke free, saving money, I don’t smell bad or have social anxiety about wanting to smoke when I’m out having fun. If you need that push to help you do it get in touch with these guys set a quit date and just do it !!! I am so grateful that I took that step.

Cheryl Davis

Well I have been smoke free now for around 12 months. I am about to turn 70. I started at 13. It is such a big deal for me to still be a non smoker. I feel I will continue to be a non smoker.

Not sure why I kept doing it as I did not enjoy smoking I just done it out of habit.

I still have people around me that smoke, but it doesn’t worry me as I am now a non smoker. Onwards n upwards thanks to Michael 😊

Mad Titan AOW: Legions

I recently had the privilege of witnessing a life-changing transformation in my family member, and I can’t help but share my overwhelming appreciation for their quit smoking hypnosis journey.
For years, my aunty struggled with the harmful habit of smoking, and despite numerous attempts to quit, they felt trapped in a vicious cycle. Seeing their health deteriorate and knowing the risks associated with smoking, we all worried about their well-being.

Then, everything changed when they decided to give quit smoking hypnosis a try at Quit Smoking Hypnosis. From the very beginning, it was evident that my aunty was in the hands of caring professionals who genuinely understood their journey and provided unwavering support.

The team at Quit Smoking Instantly not only demonstrated expertise in hypnosis techniques but also took the time to understand my aunties personal struggles and motivations. This personalized approach made all the difference.

Throughout the process, my aunty attended 1 session. The hypnotherapist’s calming voice and empathetic guidance made the experience comfortable and transformative.

Witnessing the positive changes in my aunty has been awe-inspiring. She’s now smoke-free, and her overall well-being has dramatically improved. It’s evident that the hypnosis session helped her break free from the shackles of smoking and embrace a healthier, more fulfilling life.

I cannot thank Quit Smoking instantly enough for the extraordinary impact they’ve had on my aunt’s life.

If you or a loved one are struggling to quit smoking, I wholeheartedly recommend Quit Smoking Instantly. Their commitment to making a difference is unparalleled, and I’m forever grateful for the positive transformation they’ve brought into my aunt’s life.

With immense gratitude.

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