Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy

Can Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy Help You Quit Smoking?

Many people find it difficult to survive when they think of giving up smoking. They believe that this habit is a significant part of their lives, deeply linked with different feelings and social situations. When it comes to quitting smoking, Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy seems to help a lot of people. It is an effective and safe method to stop smoking and start a healthy life again. The process changes the way a person thinks of smoking and turns off his cravings for the same.

Quit Smoking Using Smoking Cessation Hypnosis

Before jumping into details on why and how hypnotherapy for smoking cessation works, let’s first discuss why smoking is so addictive.

Here’s why – like any other habit, nicotine addiction is also highly linked to the subconscious mode of thinking. There are both physiological and psychological aspects of cigarette addiction. Therefore, regardless of all the severe health issues, like emphysema, lung cancer, and strokes related to smoking, smokers could not quit this habit as they find it hard to do so. Some many scenarios or situations trigger cravings for smoking cigarettes. Some reasons include stress, boredom, alcohol, and mealtimes. And hypnotherapy for smoking cessation can help you shut down these cravings instantly.

Smoking Cessation Therapy – How Does It Work?

The primary objective of using hypnosis for smoking cessation is – reframing subconscious thoughts of the mind. One idea of doing so is to link nicotine with negative things. Hypnotherapy can be stated as a changed mode of consciousness, where a person who is under hypnosis seems to be in a hyper-focus state, sometimes called a trance-like situation.

Also, during a smoking cessation hypnotherapy session, you may appear to be asleep, but your mind is fully conscious. Many people who have tried hypnotherapy describe the feeling as being highly focused and relaxed. As per studies, a high level of neurological activities has been noticed while hypnosis, and it is considered to be one of the significant reasons that the human mind becomes so welcoming to others’ proposals. For instance, in the case of smokers, the therapist suggests quitting smoking. But again, whether you want to accept those suggestions or not, it is entirely up to you.

Reframe Your Perspective Using Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy

The basic principle of smoking cessation hypnosis is that it helps you reframe your thinking that enables you to turn off triggers that lead you towards smoking. During hypnotherapy, your mindset is similar to the situation like you’re daydreaming. That means you’re fully attentive to every activity around you. Consequently, you are more open and responsive to suggestions on changing negative behaviors that are offered by your therapist. That means the next time you feel the trigger that made you try to smoke, you will no longer react to the situation as before, and you can refuse it confidently.

Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation – Does This Therapy Really Work?

Can hypnosis for smoking cessation help you stop smoking? The short answer is Yes. Hypnotherapy is proven to be a safe and effective technique by professionals when it comes to quitting smoking. It has helped many smokers to give up smoking and live a smoke-free, healthy life. Several clinical experiments have also delivered positive hypnotherapy results when it comes to giving up smoking in the long run.

But, do not forget that smoking cessation hypnosis is not going to deliver positive results for every individual. It will only work for those who are consciously committed to stopping smoking. It might not help you if you are not really up to quit your smoking habit. You need to be determined, motivated, and fully ready to give a fresh start to your life.

How Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy is Different From Other Methods

Not surprisingly – if you’ve ever tried to quit smoking, you may have come across multiple methods to do so, including hypnosis for smoking cessation. There are countless traditional as well as modern ways to help you become a non-smoker. Sometimes, they work when used in conjunction. However, in most cases, the mental addiction to nicotine that is handled by the subconscious perspective of your mind prevents you from quitting smoking using patches, sprays, and other methods. Therapies like NRT eliminate your physical craving for cigarettes, but they do nothing for the mental urges to smoke over and again. This is where hypnosis for smoking cessation comes in the picture, enabling you to turn off all your psychological cravings.

Is It Safe to Use Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy?

Yes, it is safe. Hypnosis for smoking cessation causes no adverse effects on people who undergo this procedure. It doesn’t have any side effects as well. No therapist can hypnotize you without your will, and you can stop the session whenever you want. As discussed, smoking cessation hypnotherapy does not work for people who are not willing to quit smoking. So try it only if you have made up your mind to become a non-smoker.

Moreover, after the completion of the smoking cessation hypnotherapy session, your therapist will guide you back to your conscious state, and you will remember everything that happened during the course. This means that smoking cessation hypnotherapy is entirely safe, and you can use it if you’re really looking forward to living a healthy life.

Learn More about Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation

If you are ready to quit smoking or want to know more about smoking cessation hypnotherapy, then reach out to us now. One of our trained consultants will talk to you to find out whether smoking cessation hypnosis is right for you or not. If we find you a good fit, we will start the hypnotherapy as soon as you want to help you live a smoke-free and healthy life.