Types of Techniques to Quit Smoking
February 13, 2020
Types of Techniques to Quit Smoking

It’s a fact: smoking is addictive. Sometimes it can be difficult to stop, but with the right support and using the correct techniques to quit smoking, you can do it.

There are so many techniques to quit smoking that you can choose from. Usually, using a couple of methods in conjunction with each other can give you the best chance of giving cigarettes the butt in the long term. Often your choice of methods will be based on your lifestyle and what triggers your cravings. Keep reading to learn more about some of the types of techniques that you can use to help you kick the habit.

Going Cold Turkey

As you probably already know, going ‘cold turkey’ is about using your mental strength and willpower alone, to quit smoking. Whilst this is one of the most popular techniques to quit smoking that people try, it is often unsuccessful. In most cases you’ll have a better outcome if you combine it with other methods. If you have made the decision to go cold turkey, you’ll need to find other activities or things to do to occupy your time and keep you relaxed as you mentally fight the urge to give in. Try to avoid putting yourself into situations that will trigger your want to smoke, and let your friends and family know what you are doing so that they can support you in your journey to quitting.

Gradually Cutting Down

If you’re not ready quit completely or you don’t want to go cold turkey, gradually reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke each day is one of the techniques to quit smoking that you can try. You can do this by increasing the time you take between smoking cigarettes as well as reducing the number of cigarettes you keep in your pack each day. For your best chance of quitting smoking completely, you should set yourself a quit date and gradually reduce your cigarettes as you work towards that goal date.

Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRTs)

One of the most popular techniques to quit smoking, NRTs are available in many forms such as patches, gums, nasal or oral sprays, and lozenges or tablets. You can use these products to reduce your nicotine cravings and help you with the withdrawal symptoms that you are likely to experience when you stop smoking. NRTs work by giving your body small, controlled doses of nicotine, bar the harmful effects of tobacco smoke. They tend to be a popular choice because of the many options in terms of forms that they come in.


While hypnosis has not typically been on of the more commonly used techniques to quit smoking, it is certainly championed by those who have tried it. Nicotine addiction is both physical and mental. Stop smoking hypnosis works on the unconscious part of your mind, breaking the mental habits that maintain your addiction to smoking in the first place. Stop smoking hypnotherapy is a safe and effective method for quitting smoking quickly and maintaining new healthy habits in the long term.

Using your Support Network

So you’ve read about the various techniques to quit smoking and are considering your options. One thing you shouldn’t overlook is seeking the support of others while you quit. Having the support of family, friends, a counselor, or even support services, can prove very helpful in reducing your stress during that challenging time. Perhaps you could consider assigning someone you trust to make you accountable, or even quit with a friend and motivate each other along the way. Sometimes just having someone there to talk to helps a whole lot and can make all the difference.

Prescription Medications

Occasionally, prescription medications may be recommended by your GP as one of the techniques to quit smoking that might be appropriate for you. Whilst these drugs do exist, they have side effects, so they are not appropriate for everyone. In most cases, these medications block the nicotine receptors in the brain so that smoking is not as enjoyable, however they don’t necessarily provide any other benefit in helping you quit.



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