Hypnosis for quitting smoking: what it involves and why it may be the solution for you.
June 19, 2020
Hypnosis for quitting smoking: what it involves and why it may be the solution for you.
You know that smoking is damaging for your health but trying to quit smoking can be an emotional (and physical!) roller coaster. Traditional quitting techniques can offer benefits for some, but many people find themselves reaching for the smokes again before long- this is where hypnosis for quitting smoking can help.

Get to the root of your addiction with hypnosis for quitting smoking.

Hypnosis for quitting smoking can help you to get to the root of your smoking addiction, because smoking involves more than just a physical addiction to the effects of nicotine on the body. Stop-smoking aids like nicotine patches, gums and sprays can replace some of the nicotine you crave when quitting cigarettes, alleviating some of the physical withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, irritability and restlessness. However, they can only do so much in the long run. Nicotine addiction is something that is deeply rooted in the subconscious brain of the smoker. This basically means that there is more than a physical addiction to cigarettes; there are often many subconscious, mental triggers that commonly occur in one’s daily life that cause nicotine cravings.

Hypnosis for quitting smoking empowers you to give up cigarettes.

Simple things like sitting in the car, having a meal, going out for a drink with friends, feeling stressed, and much more can trigger the need to smoke a cigarette. With hypnosis for quitting smoking, you gain the mental tools needed to control and overcome these urges that stem from situations that arise multiple times a day, every day. And this is the key to quitting smoking for good.

Hypnosis for quitting smoking addresses your triggers.

During your hypnosis session, with your permission, your therapist will guide you into a state of deep relaxation using verbal cues and imagery. Some refer to this as a state of hyper focus; a state in which your mind is so relaxed that you can concentrate very clearly on the single task at hand. Once you are in the hypnotic state, your mind becomes more open to suggestions of ways that you can make changes and quit smoking. Your therapist helps you to address your personal triggers and overcome these by changing your thinking around smoking and cigarettes, effectively turning off the little voice inside your head that asks for a smoke.

Hypnosis for quitting smoking is safe.

Despite some preconceived ideas that you may hold around hypnosis for quitting smoking (thank you, Hollywood!), you cannot be hypnotized against your will. Nor can you be ‘made’ to do anything whilst you are in the hypnotic state, against your will. Whilst in the hypnotic state, you are still fully aware of your surroundings; you remain conscious and in control of all your actions. If you wish to stop the session at any time, you may choose to do so. When your hypnotherapy session is complete, your therapist guides you back to your normal state of consciousness and you can remember everything that occurred.

Hypnosis for quitting smoking works.

It is only natural to question whether hypnosis for quitting smoking will actually work. After all, you may have tried quitting cigarettes before using other methods and not been successful, so how will this be any different? As we have already discussed, hypnotherapy works by working at the root of the subconscious nicotine addiction, which is deeply ingrained in the mind. However, in order for it to work for you, you must want to quit smoking. For example, if you are trying to quit for someone else’s sake, or because someone told you that you should, you might not be a good candidate for hypnosis for quitting smoking. You must genuinely want to and be ready to quit smoking cigarettes. Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy is a technique that is praised as effective and safe by health professionals across many fields.

Are you ready to give hypnosis for quitting smoking a go?

If you feel that you are in fact ready to quit smoking for good, please contact us today so that we can discuss your suitability for hypnosis for quitting smoking. Take a leap in the right direction today and ditch the smokes for good with this safe and effective method for quitting.


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